A Hyper Poodle Ballerina – that’s me

Have you ever seen a poodle dance around like a hyper ballerina when they’re excited? That’s me. Well, our poodle used to dance like a fool when she got excited, and then, inevitably, there’d be a poodle puddle on the floor. Thankfully, that’s not me, at least not yet.

This time tomorrow my twin sister will be here from Indiana! (I live in Texas, so that’s a fer piece she has to travel to come see me.) She arrives on Saturday, we’ve set up a gig to go zip-lining on Sunday (to celebration our 50th birthday next month), my brother-in-law and his family arrive on Monday from Arizona, and sis and I head out to Salt Lake City on Tuesday for the Stampin’ Up! Convention. Meanwhile, we get to do my favorite thing in the world – craft together to finish up our swaps. Oh, and my children are here. I mean, really, is it possible to jam so much fun into so little time? Oh, I feel a poodle dance coming.

Meanwhile, I finished another group of swap projects last night – we’ll call this the leaning tower of take-out boxes.


I made ten of them for an organized swap. Here’s a closeup.


I decided at the last minute that the beads from the Pretties Kit would look nice on the handles (you may have to click on the picture to enlarge it and see the beads). That wasn’t an easy task because I had to use my wire tools to straighten out the handles and then rebend them. Every time I play with my wire tools I wish I’d taken more jewelry classes – I’m always all thumbs. Can you see the paper fortune cookies? They even have fortunes in them. This was a blast to make. There’s more information about them here.

Off to make more swaps . . . stay tuned for more poodle-dance-worthy exciting updates.


Sweet Comments

  1. ENJOY every single minute of this jam packed FUN week, Linda!
    Your take-out boxes are ADORABLE!!! LOVE ’em!
    Zip lining as a celebration???? You nut! LOL!

  2. WOW – zip-lining??? I’m finally realizing you are one fun and crazy lady. Where do you even go to do that around here? I *love* your take-out boxes, they are gorgeous! I am in awe of the amount of time you must be putting into your swaps. Hope the stuff you get in return is as amazing! Have a WONDERFUL week!

  3. these are beautiful!

  4. These are fabulous! TFS! XO, Mimi

  5. These are fabulous, Linda!! I wish I was going …

  6. WOW!! I wish I was in just ONE of your swaps! Your work is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing. I hope to meet you at Convention! I’m a first-timer!!!

  7. I LOVE these takeout boxes, but must confess that I was amazed and completely flabbergasted that your were able to make these and get them ready for convention. I was thrilled when I read that you purchased the actual boxes at Michaels.

  8. Kelly Taylor says:

    Yay! I am in this swap and I love this! So cute and can’t wait to get to convention! These are great! See you in a couple days!

  9. Twila Davis says:

    Thanks for the great swap! It is adorable. Everyone I show it to loves it!

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