Project Runway – Stampin’ Style

I had so, so much fun at the Stampin' Up! convention. There were so many highlights, and for me, one of the biggest highlights was being among my kind (as my sister put it so well) . . . being with fellow stampers. I marveled in their creativity and just soaked it up.

Project Runway has nothing on these ladies – they can create the best outfits and accessories with just stamp and ink. Check it out – hats, shoes, purses, sashes, stamp-emblazened shirts, jewelry – and even the dazzling-diamond hair! Click on the picture to make it larger. These stampers?"Make It Work!" Fierce!

Convention08a ?


Sweet Comments

  1. Laura Venvertloh says:

    What great pics! Thanks for sharing! I wasn’t able to go this year, but you guys that posted all the fabulous stuff helped connect me! I love the “show me the rubbah” shirt!

  2. Hey Linda! The trio with the sashes was 3 from my group!! Eveyln, Karen and Kristie from the “Ink”spirational Stampers- downline of Kim Myers of Santa Rosa, one of the Artisan Award winners!!
    I wish i found you there- but ya right!! 5800 crazy ladies (yes, “our kind”) and i barely met any of the SCS girls or bloggers.
    Love all the pics you collected – what a great time it was- d:)

  3. WOW!!! Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing your pictures!