Rock On Sis!

Fifty years ago today my sister was born. As my mother used to tell it, when she was born, the doctor said, "She's too small, there must be another." And that's how Mom met me – she said she fainted. Dad was at Army reserve camp so we got to meet him a few weeks later.


People used to ask me what it was like to have a twin sister. I never knew how to answer because I never knew any other way. And that's the best part about having a twin sister – I always have had her, and I always will!

I have this philosphy that God never gives me more than I can handle, but He decided pretty early on that I probably needed a little help – so he gave me an angel of a sister to escort me through my life. She's the sweetest, most precious sister in the world – so I figure I got a pretty good escort! Can't nothin' touch me!


We don't look fifty, do we?! Yeah, well, we don't act it either.

Look what my sister sent me this week. Yep, racing Grannies! And that's just how I imagine us some day – causing all kinds of ruckus in the nursing home! Sharon said this present was about our "future."


For the "past," she sent me this.


You probably can't make it out, but it's a photo album full of postcards that were sent to and by my Grandma Heaton – my Mom's Mom. They go as far back as 1911. Oh . . . I love this for so many reasons. I love the old postcards, I love that my sister took the time to write the occasion and the dates in the album's sleeves, and I love that it captured my Grandma's handwriting.


Grandma was so proud that she made it to the 3rd grade so she could learn cursive writing - her penmanship was gorgeous. And the album includes a few precious cards from the 1950's.


Fifty – Dang! I just can't get my head around it. It doesn't feel any different than 49, or 39 for that matter, but it sure does sound different. Well, my sister's been through it all with me. And, thankfully, we'll turn 50 together.

Ging loves you, Doopie! and always will! Sis – We're going to rock 50!!!



Sweet Comments

  1. Laura Venvertloh says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My mother is an indentical twin. She lives in Rockport, TX and my aunt lives in upstate NY where they were born. I love the vintage post cards! Racing grannies, love that too! I have 5 cards so far and I am sending them and anymore I can muster up in between homework on Saturday. Talk to you soon!

  2. happy birthday! i turn 50 in just two short years and it’s already bothering me… i’d love to have a twin to share it with :)

  3. diane mcvey says:

    Oh my, those postcards are priceless! What a wonderful gift!!! And the racing Grannies…TOO CUTE! You two are truly blessed to have each other, and to be so close. My son’s twin died shortly after they were born, and I feel so bad for him, AND for me! It’s such a wonderful bond that twins share…
    Have a great time being 50! It looks like you two are off to a great start! 😀

  4. Happy 50th Linda!! You guys are going to rock the 50 :) I love the gifts that you sister gave you. The album is priceless! Loved the racin’ grannies! Anyways, I hope you had a great day celebrating this big milestone!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ladies! Hope you have a great one!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! Here’s to another 50!
    –>and who doesn’t love personalized, thoughtful gifts…you must really have a sweet sister there!

  7. Linda! Congrats on your 50th!! I’m headed that way in just three short years! I didn’t realize your sister was your twin, something really funny. My sister’s name is Linda and of course mine is Sharon but she’s 4 years older than me and turned 50 last November! I loved the meaningful gifts she sent you, what a treasure!

  8. HAPPY 50TH, LINDA!!! Sounds like you and your sister have an amazing relationship! What a blessing!

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