Woodrow was only half right

Woodrow Wilson said "We grow great by dreams." Well, who could argue with that? But, for me, that's only half the story. What helps me grow are all my wonderful friends and family, including you dear folks who come visit me at my blog. 

Last month, I got to meet Diane Tritz at the Stampin' Up! convention in Utah – Wisconsin meets Texas. Words just can't express how honored I was to meet her. She hunted me down from a hoard of 6,000 Stampin' Up! demonstrators to say hi and to give me this. I was so touched that she would go to so much trouble to find me – honestly. Forget all the new product announcements, make-n-takes, swaps, free stamp sets – this was my very favorite highlight of the convention.


Check out the inside!


Diane put so much beautiful detail into this little mini album. Each page has a pocket with a little pull-out for a photo and some journaling, and each page highlights a different image from the Bella Rose designer paper collection. But, the best part is the way she bound the pages.


I've never seen that before, and it's such an elegant touch. So, I e-mailed Diane when I got home to get the instructions. (Yeah, like she hasn't already done enough for me, now I'm bugging her to tell me how she did it.) Here's what she told me.

The inside pages are from 8-1/2 inch square sheets of white cardstock. Fold the cardstock in half each way and then cut the corners off of two sides making a point in the center.  When refolded, that will create the pockets on the pages. The little green trim in the center was done by scoring and folding half-inch mountain and valley folds (an accordion fold). She used the Zutter Bind-it-All to bind the book.

Here's another peak at the inside from the back.


So, Woodrow, Dreams are great, but I'm already living my dream. It's having friends like Diane and getting to enjoy her beautiful creations that inspire me. Thank you, Diane!


Sweet Comments

  1. WOW! This mini album is amazing! Thanks for sharing the wonderful detailed photos of the book! Aren’t blogging & stamping friends THE BEST?!

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