Hurricane Shoes

I've gotten a few notes wondering how we're doing. The Austin area really only got a few clouds and mild winds. I just talked to my sister in Indiana, and she got more rain from Ike there than we did. Strange, isn't it.

We were impacted more by the influx of evacuees – Austin welcomed over 6,300 in 23 shelters with another 200 in the area hospitals. My agency was tasked with helping to place some of those with special medical needs, so I got to throw on my nursing scrubs again. I spent Friday and Saturday getting to know and help those people. Their courage and grace under such extreme circumstances was really inspiring, and it was just really fun to watch all the different agencies and professions work so seamlessly together. We were all a little battle weary after helping the Gustav evacuees so recently, but you couldn't tell it by their positive attitudes and tireless efforts.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people displaced by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Hopefully, this will lift a few spirits. The lady with the right shoes for every occasion needs some of these.



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  1. Hey Linda, it’s Lisa! Long time no talky! Thanks for your e-mail a few months ago! Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you- my bad. Never did see you at convention but then again, when we were being “herded” from place to place it was sorta hard to find anybody! Anyway, those shoes are hilarious. I sure wanted rain from Ike and for nobody to get hurt. We were on severe water restrictions (Jonah water) and NEEDED some stinkin’ rain! Oh well, life goes on! How did your Open House go (I saw it listed on Craig’s List for this area)? I’m still checking your blog every day and look forward to more posts!

  2. Thanks for your take on life’s events…yes, my sister said they got a lot of rain in Indiana from IKE. I still think I’d rather take my chances on an earthquake (being here in California) than flooding or tornados! I wonder if anyone has come up with “designer” earthquake shoes for women…
    Thanks for the wonderful sharing you give us on your blog and your participation with SUDSOL…

  3. Laura Venvertloh says:

    We only got an inch of rain and 30 mph winds in north Texas. My mother headed back, and she got zilch! At least she was safe! God bless you for your dedication to the community. We need more people like you! Once school is done, I will have more time to help. We did donate to the Red Cross! Thanks for letting us know you are okay!

  4. Yep… A girl can get through ANYTHING as long as she has the right shoes!! Too funny. San Antonio has also opened it’s doors to those poor folks from east Texas. Bless their Hearts. I can’t imagine having to leave everything behind and run for your life. We continue to keep them in our prayers and try and help where we can.

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