A Pillow Box . . . zzzz

Ooh, it's late, and well past my bedtime – my pillow is calling me. It's been a hectic two weeks between hurricanes, a week-long jaunt to Dallas and now another week in Lubbock. Man, what  change of scenery, too. After a week of feeling nearly claustrophobic by all the skyscrapers in Dallas, I'm now in the expansive plains of North Texas. I'll tell you more later. Meanwhile, it's way past my bedtime . . .

Before I left town again, I took some pix of a few more Halloween projects, and, oh, I can't wait to show you . . . some projects from the new mini catalog. It's been so long since we've howdied that I thought I'd at least give you a peak of some more of the Halloween projects we made this weekend. This uses the pillow-box die cut from sizzix . . . oh, pillow sounds so good.


That's all you get – just a peak. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow and show you some more of its buddies.

For now, it's past my bedtime . . . pillow box . . . hmmm . . . pillow . . . zzzzz.


Sweet Comments

  1. Love the pillow boxes! Totally cute.
    What are the dimensions when they are folded up?