A Fair Investigation

This week I got to travel to the Texas panhandle for training to be a better nursing home investigator. The county fair was going on, so I thought I'd investigate it for you. I had a blast taking these pictures, and I even made the supreme sacrifice of trying the corn dogs and fried snickers just so I could report back to you. My observations revealed – nothing's better than a county fair corn dog! The snickers, well, I think it's an acquired taste - along with the acquired clogged arteries.  

So . . . here are my findings – after a fair investigation, I definitely rule in favor of the South Plains (Lubbock) fair!



Sweet Comments

  1. Fried Snickers???? OMG – what next! But, sounds pretty good!! I haven’t been to that fair. When we lived in DFW area, we usually attended the State Fair in Dallas. Fun times!