Charlotte’s Web, The Sequel

When we last left Wilbur, he had become an adolescent with an out-of-control ego from winning the county fair. He thought he was too good for the farmer's pig pen and slop, so he left the country and headed to the suburbs where he vandalized unsuspecting home dwellers.


Exhibit 1


Exhibit 2

Meanwhile, Charlotte's daughter, without her wisdom and compassion to guide her, became a homeless, floozy depositing children in the doorstep of the same unsuspecting home.


Exhibit 3


Exhibit 4

Children's story book aside, Isn't this wild? Our house sits smack in he middle of suburbia, and we were visited by feral hogs. 

Meanwhile, we've been in awe of this spider whose been calling our back porch home for several months. After a little Google research, we discovered that this Argiope spider is called the writing spider because of that zig-zag pattern in her web  . . . and she's the same spider as Charlotte of Charlotte Web fame. Gracious – we have Wilbur in the front yard and Charlotte in the back. I just wish Charlotte Junior would write "go home pig."

Well, here's a much more entertaining spider – Stampin' Up!'s latest installment of the Home Decor line includes this adorable rub-on spider.


For more information on this project, you can click here. And, to see all the new Home Decor rub-on's for walls (and, as you can see, for other fun things like cookie jars), click here. Don't forget, you can order these online now at (the rub-on's – not my Wilbur and Charlotte pet pests).


Sweet Comments

  1. Loved your post. Sorry about the piggy mess but all things in nature are beautiful if we open ourselves up to them! You have the right mindset. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am shocked and amazed at the damage the pigs did in your yard. Are you in Georgetown Texas? I graduated from Southwestern University many, many, many (before dirt) years ago.

  3. As always you are too funny…loved the story…glad I don’t have pigs near me :)

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