A Prairie Dog Companion

Okay, I admit it, I'm easily entertained. While I was in Lubbock, I checked out the Prairie Dog Farm. I've never seen a prairie dog before, and apparently they see them a lot on the south plains. I learned a lot, like, they're not really dogs, but ground squirrels who get their name because of their barking call (sounds more like a squeak to me, but we'll go with it). They only grow to about one to four pounds and are known for excavating huge and complex underground colonies. I couldn't get too close, and, unfortunately, I didn't have a telephoto lens, but here's a few pictures.


They made the funniest little movements – like they jump up in the air when they make their barking sound, and their little tails wag with such delight when a playmate.

Meanwhile, here are the last two cards from Laura Venverloh.


Laura was so sweet to make these for our hospice patients. I love how she used the background stamp to make this look like a canvas painting.


This one is so cheerful and bright, but still has the most gentle colors. Laura is going to school to be a nurse after a career in the mortgage company. With all the care she put into these cards, it's clear to me she's going to be a wonderful, compassionate nurse. Thank you again, Laura.