Cyndee Rust Presents

I am so very, very proud of my friend, swapping buddy and side-line sister, Cyndee Rust. Stampin' Up! always chooses four local stampers to present Workshop Wows – projects that just knock your knickers off. Stampin' Up! wisely choose Cyndee as a presenter at Saturday's regional convention – and she was fantastic! Not only were her projects true "WOW!" but she was a natural on the stage – just exuding excitement.

Here's her introduction by our CEO, Shelli Gardner.

Cyndee Rust 

Can you imagine trying to demonstrate your projects with Tom, the camera man breathing down your neck . . .


another camera man in front of you, an audience of hundreds (thousands?), a prompter clicking down the minutes, our cherished CEO watching from behind, and two screens on either side of you projecting your face some 20-feet tall?


Cyndee showed us what a great value our Simply Stamping kits are, showcasing the I Wish kit. She called her presentation: "Simply Scrapping kits – they're not just for scrapbooking any more."

I was so busy snapping pictures of my friend I didn't take very good notes, so stick with me. She showed us this buffet of non-scrapbooking projects using just products from the kit and starting with a wrapped Kit Kat candy bar.


She said this was a huge hit with her co-workers.


The most amazing project was her flip book. Cyndee's book was full of pockets, which she said would be perfect for giving gift cards. I got only one picture of it, unfortunately. I changed the shutter speed of my camera to get brighter pictures in the low light, and everything after that was just too fuzzy without a tripod.


After her presentation, Cyndee's projects were placed at the display area for some camera attention. I squeezed my way through the crowds to land these pictures.

Cyndee's cross-cross box.


A peek-a-boo box . . .


with peppermint patty sandwiches.


She made a scallop-envelope box filled with little tins for candy.


And, finally, a miniature pizza box jammed with adorable package tags.


Here it is closed so you can see how adorable the top is.


I don't have pictures of the inside of Cyndee's flip book, but I can direct you to a site where you can see a similar book and get the instructions and a template for making your own. You can find the flip book at Amy Celona's blog here: Flip Book Step-by-Step

Cyndee had only five minutes to give her entire presentation, so there was little time for details. A little web browsing and I found the instructions for the rest of Cyndee's projects for you. Nicole Heady's instructions for the criss-cross box are here: Criss-cross box. I don't have instructions for Cyndee's little peek-a-boo box, but here are instructions for a similar box: Peek-a-Box Box. Sheryl Dickinson has great instructions for Cyndee's box of tins here: Scallop Envelope Box Tutorial. And, finally, Jennifer del Muro has instructions for the mini-pizza box here: Mini Pizza Box.

If you were at the convention and got better pictures of Cyndee and her projects, be sure to leave us a comment with a link, so we can get a better view. Each year Stampin' Up! makes a DVD of the regional convention Workshop Wow's, so we'll be sure to look for her presentation on next year's DVD.

And the final WOW of Cyndee's presentation? All this was made with one Simply Scrapping kit, and she showed us how many materials she still had left over from the kit. It was amazing! I have to confess, I haven't bought many of the Simply Scrapping kits. I haven't done much scrapbooking recently, but when I do, I generally don't use stickers and die cuts, which, of course, is the guts of the Simply Scrapping kits. Well, after Cyndee's presentation, yep, the I Wish kit is on my wish list! When you start thinking of using them for 3-D projects, the possibilities are just endless.


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  1. I should have asked if you were going. I wanted to go, but my upline and sidelines went to convention and were tapped out. I really wanted to go. Wow! Thank you for all the great coveragea and ideas!