A Big Shot Trilogy

Gracious – when have you ever so much from me? Are you ready for more news from the regional convention? Well, okay, if you insist, here's another on-stage presentation, this time from Christie Daugherty of Tyler, Texas, with that stage hound, the Big Shot. 


Isn't this baby-bib card adorable? Chrsitie said she made it by starting with a 5" x 7-1/2" sheet of cardstock. She folded the cardstock in half and lined it up on the circle scallop about two inches down from the top of the scallop so the fold wouldn't cut. The wide oval punch made the collar.


Christie says she loves those little clips. Check out what else Christie made from the circle scallop dies. Hold on to your knickers . . .


And this Christmas card . . .


Oops, too soon for Christmas, how about a beach bikini? 


With pictures of the beach . . .


Owls are so "in" – check this out.


Someone else created this beauty. I'm sorry, I didn't get their name. One of my friends was lucky enough to get this in a swap. They kind of make an owl couple, don't you think?


If you go to Christie's blog today, you can see a video of her entire presentation. Click here: Stamp Shack Lady, and then check out the upper right hand corner.

There was so much more action on stage . . . including news about upcoming promotions, the Holiday Extravaganza and the Country Living special. I'm sworn to secrecy, but let's just say you're going to love Stampin' Up!'s rub on the next 20% for $20 promotion. Jaron showed us we could run Coke cans through the Big Shot for an eclectic Christmas tree ornament, and his inspiration journal was a huge hit. Carrie Cudney took the stage again and showed us how we could use the decor elements as a stencil for glass etching . . .  

The on-stage presentations are just a part of the convention. There's swapping, the display boards, and, the best part, seeing stamping friends again.


Next time – glitter takes the spot light at the convention.


Sweet Comments

  1. i really like your cards!

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