You Gotta See This

You just gotta see this. Amy Celona's Cardinal Christmas paper pin is just amazing.


Can you believe that's made out of paper?! My Tom says "that's a throw-back cardinal." That's his uncouth way of saying retro – sorry, I can only train him so much. Retro, throw-back, antiqued, whatever you call it, it's gorgeous.

Tom: Don't quote me on this – take me out of there.

Me: Don't make me blog you.

Tom: Go! Go! You gotta cut outside. [Every conversation with Tom is laced with football commentary – he's watching the Redskin/Patriots game.]

Sorry, I digress. Be sure to check out Amy's site and all her fabulous work: UStamp4fun!

Ooo, and another thing I just discovered that's amazing . . . Next time you go to the "store" at (click on the top right of the home page), and look up a stamp set, check out the right side bar. You'll find some sample projects using that stamp set. When you click on the samples, there's all the ingredients on how to make the project, complete with the item number and cost . You can even add all the recipe ingredients to your shopping cart so you can place your on-line order to make the entire project right there. It's amazing. To check it out, click here for the Christmas Cardinal stamp – you'll see three beautiful projects on the right.

So, it's Monday night football and they're saying if Pittsburg Steelers win, Obama will be elected. If the Redskins win, McCain will win. Just as I thought – the world really does revolve around football.


Whatcha Thinkin

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