Yes We Can

You may have heard me tell this story before – When Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon, I looked up to the night sky with such awe and amazement. I was so impressed that I started collecting news clippings and put together my first scrapbook. I had that same awe and amazement as I watched Barak Obama's acceptance speech tonight. I guess tonight's post will be my scrapbook of this historic event. When I'm 106 years old, I want to remember where I was when America showed the rest of the world that we could overcome prejudice.

My Caitlin called me the moment it was announced and in her voice so hoarse with excitement she said it so well: "I'm so proud of our country."



Sweet Comments

  1. Me too. Overwhelmed. Overjoyed. And my birthday is July 20th, i turned 1 the day Neil Armstrong made that step. It’s always been a special memory on my birthday (even if i don’t actually remember the event!)

  2. Jeepers – all these days after election night and reading your post still made me tear up all over again!! I will NEVER forget that night. 😀

  3. I just saw your post before this one, with the cnnbc video your sister sent – it was HILARIOUS! I was going to comment on it, but it’s gone. Guess you probably got some ugly comments and felt compelled to delete it? Been there, done that. *sigh*