Magic Deer Food

I'm throwing together a few things for a church event this week . . . some simple projects that will be just a lot of fun to make and give. This might be my favorite.


I found the most adorable crushed velvet brads by doodlebug design, inc. for Rudolf's nose. The jar came from Ikea. The stamp set is the Level 2 Hostess stamp set, Deer Friends, and that luscious ribbon is from our mini catalog. The colors are just Chocolate Chip and Robin Hood Red. Here's the other side.


I made the tag off my computer and changed the font color to match the Chocolate Chip ink by adjusting the red/green/blue combinations to Red 66, Green 28, and Blue 28.

Don't tell the kiddos, but the food is just Oatmeal cereal. I guess the little tykes can eat it for Christmas breakfast if they want. I'm thinking granola/trail mix cereals might be fun to put into it, too. Off to make more goodies.


Sweet Comments

  1. That is way too cute! I love the brads you found for the nose!!

  2. Love that nose on Rudolph!!! What a great gift idea Linda!!!

  3. Linda, too freekin’ cute, don’t you just love the jars from Ikea. I love your Milk Carton also. Becky did a great job to inspire us all.
    Thanks for sharing,

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