Please, Mom, no Glitter

As promised (I know, a while back), here's the Stampin' Up! regional convention presentations about glitter. But, first, I have to tell you a story that comes up everytime we play with glitter.

My son loves my Stampin' Up! ladies, and they love him. But, one day after one of our meetings, he came to me with the most serious of expressions. Mom, can you please stop using glitter at your meetings. It was the most emphatic plea. A little investigation revealed that when the stampers used his bathroom, glitter got all over the towels. My Ben found glitter in the most unusual places when he later toweled dry after a shower. Personally, I think everyone looks a little better with some glitter, but Ben could not be convinced. We solved the problem – Ben found his dream apartment – sans glitter. Yes, we still use glitter and my stampers love to give Ben a hard time about it.

So, when Lori Olaveson, Stampin' Up!'s Training Event Facilitator, said some people don't like using glitter and beads because of the mess, I just giggled. Art is messy.

Lori's and Carrie Cudney's presentations at the regional Stampin' Up! convention a couple of weeks ago, included the different ways of adhering glitter.

Our Sticky Cut Letters and two-sided red sticky tape already have the adhesive on them.  


Here's Carrie's whole scrapbook page . . .


and a beautiful card from the display boards.


Jaron Winder from the Stampin' Up! headquarters combined all the chunky glitters together to make this.


Lori explained that two-way glue works well when you want just a little glitter, Tom Bow works for a little heavier coverage, and, for lots and lots of glitter, Crystal Effects. One of the most stunning projects was this one by Janet Stockmann from Beaumont, Texas.


Janet's genius was that she tinted her crystal effects to match the color of her glitter. She first squeezed a dime-size amount of Crystal Effects onto a Styrofoam bowl, and then, using a watercolor brush, mixed about five drops of Bashful Blue from our reinkers into the Crystal Effects. Using the same brush, she painted the blue-tinted Crystal Effects onto one of our larger white flowers from the Pretties kit. Then, she sprinkled the blue fine cosmo glitter onto the flower. She used the same technique to make these.


and (sorry, this one is just a little fuzzy) . . .


and, finally,


With VersaMark and heat and stick embossing glue, you can get glitter in the fine details, like this card on the display boards.


Jaron used the heat and stick to create this when he combined all the colors of the fine cosmo glitter. Warning, this is so sparkly with all the colors combed, that, while stunning, it's hard to photograph well.


So, that's the convention primer on at least a few of the ways to adhere glitter to your projects. With Christmas projects in the works, don't you know there's a lot of glitter all over every crevice and cranny of my . . . house. (You thought I was going to say my son, didn't you.)


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