Show and Tell

I like to invite my monthly hostess club members to bring their latest projects for "show and tell." They are such talented crafters - I love to see what they're making. I don't always get a picture – okay, I rarely get a picture. I'm usually running around. But, I had the good sense to grab pictures of at least a few of last month's show and tell.

Lynn Scales said she learned this project from Dawn Griffith's web site, here: Dawn's Stampin Studio: Paper Pumpkins.


Wouldn't those make adorable place holders at Thanksgiving? I love the papers she picked.

Jann Formica brought us this from a friend. I'm so dense, I had to read the tag out loud before I got the joke.


Isn't that a hoot? Jann also brought us this amazing card. A picture doesn't do it justice, and of course, I photographed it in a hurry – hopefully you get the idea.


I don't know who makes this stamp, but isn't that stunning? It can be hard to emboss on black because any stray powder will show so easily but Jann mastered it.


Sweet Comments

  1. Actually, it took me a minute to get the bottle of boos…I love it!!!

  2. What talent!! They must’ve gotten it from you (naturally!).

  3. that pumpkin turned out darling! I started one but stopped cuz I wasn’t sure how to do the stem…can’t wait to finish it now!! :)

  4. The stamp is Inkadinkado. I just bought it for 40% off at JoAnn’s. I can’t wait to try it out. Love the “Boos”

  5. Wow everything is so pretty :)

  6. What great stuff you have here…I never thought about stampin on black, but this is just gorgeous :)

  7. BTW…I think this angel stamp came from Inkadinkado :)

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