I’m a Grandma!

to an adorable Golden Retriever puppy! My Caitlin just adopted this precious doll today.


Reflection – so serious!


Okay – not so serious – Let's play!


And nap time – I'm a puppy after all. 

Oh, it's going to be a Golden Christmas with puppy breath and fat little puppy bellies.


Sweet Comments

  1. oh my gosh…so cute!! :)

  2. Oh Linda this puppy is just precious!!! I know your Christmas will be wild with this little one around :)

  3. Awwww, Linda, what a sweet little puppy! I just love the expressions on his or her face! I hope Santa brings Caitlin’s little puppy a Kong ball and some treats to put in it!

  4. Laura – That’s a great idea! We got a Kong for my Irish Setter when she was little and she loved it. Caitlin knows I’m just dying to spoil my new Grandpuppy.

  5. Awwwwww! Total cuteness! How did you know I was a puppy-Page-person? Me NOT into cats (sorry for you cat-lovers out there- just ain’t my thing) Me LUVS puppies! Thanks for posting about your cute little bundle of puppy breath!

  6. Oh my goodness!! I just love puppies and this little one is super sweet looking!! Just watch the paper! Mine loves to eat swaps!!

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