Counting the Days

I just have to share with you one of the gifts my friend and hostess club member, Danene Polson, made for me.


Isn't that amazing? She used a large piece of canvas as the base. To make the numbers on the Wilton favor tins, she used her Cricket with raw vinyl. She told me the first one she made took her over 16 hours to put together. When my two children saw this, they were just amazed. We will have a ton of fun counting the days to Christmas for a lot of years to come. Thank you Danene!

p.s., Lynn Scales gave me a beautiful gift last week, too, but I ate it! It was freakin' delicious!


Sweet Comments

  1. Brittney Vaughn says:

    Tell Miss Danene that Brittney Vaughn says she wants one! I love that, she is honestly one of the most creative people I know…along with Erin and Lynn, of course! Merry Christmas to your famiy and darling Pillow as well!

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