Pillow Talk

Well, I guess all Granny's have to face it some day – their grandchildren go back home. Pillow and Caitlin returned to Denton on Thursday so they can settle in before Caitlin starts her last semester of classes at University of North Texas. 


So, you think I'm a nutty Granny, get this. My Tom was ready to drive the three plus hours on Sunday to go see them again. They hadn't even been gone a week. Yep, we're nuts about our Grandpuppy. Oh, yeah, and we kind of miss Caitlin, too.

Mailey Dog is quite happy, though, to have her kingdom all to herself again - that is, until she wants to play tug of war with the ball and there's no one to play with. I tried once, but that ball tastes awful yuchy and Mailey about yanked out all my teeth tugging on it.

Reason prevailed (that, and I was just coming up for air after all the misadventures at the nursing home), so we did not drive to Denton on Sunday. I'm sure we'll be making the trip soon. Meanwhile, Caitlin promises pictures. Wouldn't it be nice if she could package up some of that delicious puppy breath to send back to us?

Well, as usual, stamping comes through to perk me up. I got a notice from UPS that my new Stampin' Up! catalogs are due to arrive tomorrow. Oh, that's almost as fun as rubbing soft puppy bellies!


Sweet Comments

  1. Oh that is so sad… how will you both survive w/out little Pillow? She’s just soo cute! My little cat lost a wrestling match w/my husband last night… and as he’s stomping away in a huff he noticed our little dog standing by my feet. He stops… glares… and then swats her on the nose! She screams (yes, she’s a drama queen!) and runs to hide behind Keith. We were laughing so hard! (no one was injured in this little drama). Wish i had a video camera….
    Yay on the catalogs!!! Mine are coming today too… 😀

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