Hitch Your Wagon

I love Sunday mornings. Tom and I are frequent visitors to Bedside Baptist – okay, my not so clever way of saying we don't make it to church every Sunday. On those days, we watch our favorite Sunday morning program, fix a big breakfast, and leisurely read the paper together.

So, this Sunday, I got to read the Parade magazine insert in the paper and Barack Obama's letter to his daughters. You can read the whole letter here. Here's my favorite excerpt:

I hope both of you will take up that work, righting the wrongs that you see and working to give other the chances you've had. Not just because you have an obligation to give something back to this country that has given our family so much – although you do have that obligation. But because you have an obligation to yourself. Because its only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you will realize your true potential.

Wow, doesn't that just knock your socks off?! Since I was still in my jammies, I didn't have socks on to knock off yet, but if I had, they'd be in the next street. So, in honor of those patriots around and within us who hitch their wagons every day, I'd like to share a card my dear friend Jann Formica gave me on Saturday.


You know, it's one of those cards that, well, at least with my limited photography skills, my camera can't quite capture, but it just makes me swell with patriotism when I look at it.

Thank you, Jann! And thank you wagon hitchers.


Sweet Comments

  1. I love this card! What a wonderful friend to send it to you. It would be perfect to send to President Bush as a Thank You for his hard work with it being the state of Texas.

  2. Love the card. It looks like she weaved the Texas insert? What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing

  3. Jann formica says:

    I should check in more often…didn’t know you showcased this card! LOL. This actually is a card designed by Mark at Stamp Salado. This is a total CASE. Yes, the ribbon is weaved on a square piece of cardstock and adhered to the back of the Texas punch out. This is a really cool technique to use and looks very elegant. Thanks for the smile…