New Product Tips – Our Circle Cutter Plus

Whenever I'm in a new town, I always check out the local scrapbooking store. I know, others check out the scenery or the best eatery – not me – I head to a scrapbook store. I'm always a little disappointed if the store doesn't have some new something-or-other for me to experiment with – whether it's a new tool, medium, technique . . . So, you can imagine how freakishly excited I am about this new Stampin' Up! catalog and all the new tools we have to play with. Some of these have never seen a store shelf – they're exclusive to Stampin' Up! So, we all get to learn how to use these together.

My fantastic upline, Melissa Smith, sent me a bunch of links to help us in our education pursuit. My new Circle Cutter Plus is in the mail – I should have it it my hot hands soon. So, here's a video Melissa sent me to help me put it to work right away.

Stay tuned – she sent me a lot of great videos I'll be sharing with you as I check them out myself.

Meanwhile, Pillow alert! Caitlin and her Pillow puppy have gone back to Denton – trying to beat the winter weather advisory. But, before she left we took over 50 pictures of Pillow. Okay, so I won't make you look at all 50 pictures, but be forewarned that I will be subjecting you to some of my favorites, starting with this one.


Honestly – we did not pose this little Pillow power nap. Oh, and the teddy bear did not make it through the weekend – stuffing flew all over the living room!


Sweet Comments

  1. I swear Linda…THIS is the cutest puppy dog picture I have ever seen…Ya gotta just want to cuddle with this precious pup…I LOVE dogs…TFS :)

  2. I love that dog!!!!!!!!!! I like dogs more that most

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