Butterfly Blessings

ButterflyForget the SAG awards, the Oscars and Emmies . . . check out what I got.

Dahlene Spencer over at Simply Thoughtful Cards was so sweet to grant me with this Butterfly Award. I'm always honored to receive a blog award. Thank you!

Okay, now, I'm supposed to list 8 other folks to receive this award. Gracious, that's such a challenge. I'm embarrassed to tell you, I subscribe to about 800 blogs, and I love them all. They inspire me with their creativity, humble me with their life challenges, make me laugh through their mishaps and silliness, and just make me want to be a better craft artist and person.

So, if you're a blogger, please consider yourself awarded the butterfly award for all you do to transform me from a ground-dwelling caterpillar to an aspiring butterfly. Please feel free to post this award on your blog. And, blogger or not, please take this challenge to leave a little love on the blogs you visit by just leaving a brief comment. Your howdies are what we bloggers live for and the best award of all.


Whatcha Thinkin

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