The Traveling Cake

The Typepad program I use to create this silliness has all kinds of fun tools to see how many hits I get and how people link to me. Whenever I need a little ego boost (which is, I embarrassed to say, quite often), I check out how many people have visited me and where they've come from.

Well, seems my little cake is still a big attraction (Oh Yummers Chocolate Cake Box). I followed one of the links tonight and check this out . . . my cake is talking in some language I can't even read. I was so tickled, I took a screen print of this. Click on the picture and see if you can read the words.


Isn't that wild?! They may be saying something bad about me or my cake, but I don't care. I think this is freakin' amazing. I can't tell you how much that thrills me. I guess crafting really is a universal language.

Well, shoot, let's all eat cake together!


Sweet Comments

  1. I’m in for the eating cake part!!! I totally made these cakes after I saw yours!! They are the best little cakes ever! :) so glad you’ve gone international!! :)

  2. Are you really surprised that you have gone THAT global…international??? Not me! You are fabulous! I miss seeing you but I am glad I can stalk you on your blog. Love the Pillow video. SOOOOO cute.

  3. Of course you have gone “International” Who doesn’t like Chocolate Cake? Especially yours! congrats on the butterfly award too! You deserve it. I love reading your blog and seeing what you are working on!

  4. Hey Linda, this is way too cool. Ok, it really got my curiosity up and my husband gave me the idea to check what lanquage this was….I think I found it. It’s mostly Ukranian. Here’s the link to what it says! Lynn

  5. That is just way too cool. Thanks for the figuring it out for me. Linda

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