Just a Walk in the Park

So, how was your Valentine's day? My Tom and I would much rather spend a day walking in a park than doing the big fancy dinner deal. So . . . that's just what we did, along with our two children and the two dogs . . . even better still.


Pillow is such a good puppy – you can take her off the leash and she'll stay by your side, or at least come running when you call her name.

Mailey, on the other hand . . . check out how many times my Tom has her leash wrapped around his wrist.


Mailey loves to run ahead and Tom tried to keep up, so that all I got was pictures of the back of Tom pulling on Mailey's leash. What a funny pair these two dogs are.

Have you heard of Project 365? Denise over at Geekgirl's Randon Rambling and Geekgirl Project 365 left me a comment that lead me to her blog which lead me to more blogs with more information about it. (I love everything Geekgirl does, I've been a long time stalker, I mean, follower.) Project 365 sounds like such a great idea for so many reasons – capturing precious memories other than at just holidays and birthdays, self discovery, improving photography skills . . . and, collecting a great bunch of pictures for digital scrapbooking, coming soon to Stampin' Up! 

So, if you're doing your own Project 365, let me know. I need just a little shove to jump start mine.


Sweet Comments

  1. Awww… you’re soo sweet!! I could actually say the same about you! I think you should start the project ASAP- you already have the two photos above, so why not make it Valentine’s Day 2009 to Valentine’s Day 2010?!? You take great pics, you can do it!!
    I’m sure everyone here would be in agreement that there can never be too many Pillow & Mailey shots!

  2. Looks like you all had a very Happy Valentines Day…I am so glad…Love that name “Pillow” gonna check out this site right now … TFS

  3. I can’t believe how fast pillow is growing! Sounds like you had a great day.

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