Buzzin’ By with Cyndee Rust

CyndeeRustOh, it's my favorite time of year – swapping with my StampSmith sisters. They're such a fun group of ladies to swap with, especially since we all have such distinct and different styles. I'm so honored to be in their company.

Cyndee Rust's attention to detail and precision always amazes me. Check out these adorable cards using the Just Buzzin' By stamp set.


I don't know how she did it, but I love that honeycomb look she achieved in her background. Isn't that amazing? Cyndee's layers are so precise!

Edited to update – Cyndee wrote me and explained how she got that honeycomb look. "I used the old bubble wrap technique. Simply use bubble wrap (I used the little sheet that comes in the Hodgepodge hardware kits) and rub your ink on it.  Place the cardstock down, rub some more, and there you have it!  Easy-smeazy!" What did I say? Isn't she a genius?!!


Oh my goodness. I love her masking and shadows in this little twin-honeypot card. That faux stitching is so precious against the gingham. Makes me feel like I'm at a summer picnic.


One more – to finish out the ensemble. Isn't it incredible how Cyndee can get three such different looks with one stamp set? Oh, I love them all.



Sweet Comments

  1. Your right…this set is adorable and so are those cards :)

  2. These are amazing cards! What an adorable stamp set! It looks like the honeycomb was stamped with bubblewrap! I believe that was a technique lovers challenge on SCS a couple of weeks ago! Her’s turned out great! I will have to try that!

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