The Really TRULY Best of the Blogosphere

Cardoftheweek If you haven't checked out Suzanne Boyd's blog, Card of the, well, where have you been? Suzanne Boyd somehow manages to find the best projects throughout the crafting blog sites and is kind enough to organize them so we can peruse them easily. She's been featured as's best blog of the week and is really just the go-to site for all the latest trends and time sensitive ideas. She is the true champion of the Blog-o-sphere.

Okay, I am definitely biased because Suzanne has been kind enough to feature my projects on her site a few times. And, check it out – she featured my stationery box big and bold on the top of the "Boxes" best of the blogosphere list, here.

Thanks for all you do, Suzanne.


Sweet Comments

  1. You made me blush! Thanks!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Linda…you are right she is a giving being by sharing…and congrats to you :)

  3. Thanks for the link to her blog! I’d never seen it before!

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