High Kicks for Tom


My Tom is moving into a Taj Mahal like office in a few weeks – huge windows, mammoth dark wood furniture, walls of bookshelves, and enough room to hold a family reunion. (I'm exaggerating.) Yes, I'm jealous. We have duct tape holding our carpet together in my office of State workers, with stains that look like a CSI crime scene. (I'm not exaggerating.)

When Tom gave me his office tour, despite my jealousy, I noticed something critical was missing – a picture of the kids and me. Today is Tom's birthday and we do love him so. I mean, really, the man puts up with the three of us with such grace. So, we arranged to have a fantastic family friend and photographer help us right this wrong.

Thanks to Sam Holland for taking the pictures and somehow both managing and capturing the McClain madness and

Happy Birthday Tommy! 


Sweet Comments

  1. Love the picture! So darned cute!
    Congrats to Tom!

  2. Hey… What a “fun” family!!!

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