Not So Stupid Dog Trick

By now you know I'm a dog person – brief vs boxers is still a mystery – or I guess for me that would be thongs vs grannypannies . . . Anyway, back to the dog stuff. This is the most hilarious and ingenuous trick I think I've ever seen, including even any tricks by my precious Grand Puppy.

You know what this means . . . I have to show you another picture of Pillow Pup.


Happy weekend – more fun card pix coming later this weekend.


Sweet Comments

  1. Laura Pertot says:

    Hi Linda,
    That clip was just hilarious! Your blog is always so much fun to read. Wow, is Pillow getting big or what?! What a beautiful puppy. :-)

  2. Rebecca V. says:

    I love seeing pictures of your Grand Puppy! Since I don’t have a dog right now, I’m enjoying your pictures – without any of the cleanup!

  3. I’m so sad the video is “no longer available”, but your puppy is adorable. Love Goldens. We have to lab mixes right night. Box-ador and shep-ador. I’m a new subscriber. I’ll have to check out your previous pics of Pillow. TFS.

  4. Hey Linda ~ Your puppy is just too precious!!! I love these dogs…they are super when it comes to love and affection…I am a huge fan of dogs…I have one too…she “Piper” is afraid of cameras…and so I can never get a good pic or I would post it on my blog…maybe one of these days…You are blessed with this adorable Golden :)

  5. Your puppy is adorable! We have a GGG. Goofy Golden Girl – she’s 4, and a big lap dog. Enjoy the puppy stage because they turn into BIGGER puppies.

  6. Linda, this video is hilarious! I had the whole family standing over me at the computer watching it! TFS! Your little one is adorable!

  7. LOL- that is so cute!! and so is Pillow! My sister’s dog looks like Bailey, but her name is Pocket- so I think of your dog when Pocket visits too.. Pillow… Pocket… Pillow.. Pocket…

  8. my hubby and i had quite a laugh from the video. maybe your puppy will be on letterman someday.

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