Make Your Own Motivational Poster

I subscribe to this very fun site, Photojojo, which just publishes some fun ideas to do with the bajillions of digital photographs we have. Well, check out today's assignment – making your own motivational poster. Of course, I had to play with my all-time favorite photograph. I know, it's already about 20 years old, and you've seen it a dozen times, but it's still my fav.


Easy-breezy. Check it out: Create Your Own. You can find great quotes to add to your poster at Quote Garden. If you make one, leave me a comment so we can all see your creation – and you can motivate all of us.

It's a beautiful day in Central Texas . . . off to go play!


Sweet Comments

  1. Just a test – I wanted to see how many obstacles you all have to jump to post a comment.

  2. Looks like fun… I’m off to check it out… I love your fav picture too… it’s one of those just the right moments….

  3. this is cool! love your poster…can’t wait to play around with one! :)

  4. Love it!!! I love photojojo too- and am still trying to find a suitable pic for a motivational poster…

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