My Aha Moment

Frostglassben I guess I'm channeling those insurance commercials, but I just had to share with you all my aha moment from Thursday. But, first, a little background. Hang with me – it's a little long winded.

When we had our first baby, Ben, my husband was in graduate school. We were crazy poor. Tom and I bought diapers on Thursday because we knew the check wouldn't clear until I got paid on Friday. It just killed me to have to go back to work and take Ben to a babysitter. There was pain and guilt and jeolousy and worry, and more pain and more guilt . . . you get the picture. I vowed that if I ever had the means, I would establish some sort of trust fund, scholarship or anything to somehow allow at least one mother to stay home with her babies.
Of course, Tom finished his MBA, passed his CPA exam and created a wonderful life for us. I was able to stay home much, much longer with our second baby, Caitlin. Still, I have never stopped wishing I had the means to help someone else stay home.
Well, jump ahead 25 years. This week, a woman joined my Stampin' Up! team, who is just so much fun and so creative. She's going to be a fantastic demonstrator. She said one of the reasons she wanted to join Stampin' Up! was because she was looking for ways to make money from home so she can keep taking care of her Grandson. He is the love of her life and she's taken care of him since he was six weeks old.
You know what, I was just so excited for her to get her kit and set up her first workshop, it took me a few days to realize that my wish of 25 years had finally come true. I finally found a way to help someone stay home to take care of their child, or, in this case, grandchild. I tell you, I nearly cried.
So, welcome Renee Winch to the Catered Crop clan – You made MY dream come true!

I wanted to be sure to share this story with you this week because, if you've ever thought about helping people achieve their dreams and joining this mad, crazy creative fun, now's the perfect time. Until March 31 you can add any stamp set to the already huge Starter Kit, get 15% off the price of the Kit, and take advantage of the Three Easy Payment option. Just give me a hoot and a holler and we'll get you started.


Sweet Comments

  1. That’s an awesome story! Congrats on getting a new recruit and I wish you both much success!!

  2. you are sweet as can be! I love that story! :)

  3. Linda Omgosh what a lovely story. It’s so wonderful to have SU isn’t it. I keep sharing but no bites on the recruit s special. Oh well.
    We started our life together very comfortable. It’s this stinking economy that has us where you were when you first started out and it isn’t getting any better. I lie awake at night wonderful how we are going to get our bills paid. I lost my job 6/07….my husband was forced to retire from his job of 39 years after an accident at work and his boss no longer needed him, my oldest lost her job 12/22/08 and the youngest 1/2/09…needless to say I don’t know where this is going to take us all….
    So I now what you mean……….now if I can only help somone!!!

  4. What a lovely story. I think sharing is the main reason I have just signed up as a demo – and you have shown how important that is.

  5. great story!!!

  6. That is so fantastic Linda, what a wonderful story! And how neat is it that it’s Renee, I’ve recently “met” her online in the Central Texans Stamp TV forum and will hopefully meet her IRL next week!! She mentioned earlier about taking care of her grandson since he was 6 weeks old, so I wondered if that’s who it was as I read it. Sometimes this stamping world is very small indeed!!

  7. anamarie says:

    What a wonderful story! I was on the verge of happy tears by the end. I wish your new recruit the same rewarding success Stampin’ Up! has made possible for me. I’ve never earned a cruise, but I’ve earned enough to pay my daughter’s car payment every month, private schooling, house cleaning help and the list goes on. May you both continue to be blessed.

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