Found by Some Great Finds

Scrapbooking_550x375A few weeks ago Jamie, the Editor in Chief of magazine, contacted me out of the blue and asked me to write an article about one of the Stationery boxes. I was, of course, thrilled, not only to be discovered by her, but to also discover this e-magazine – the first Great Find today.

Here's the article: Stationery Box Set. Jami was fabulous to work with, and I'm really proud to be in her publication. You can get a free subscription to the e-magazine by clicking here.

My second big find was Lori Lynn's Gallery. Once again, Lori contacted me out of the blue and asked if she could showcase my projects. Of course, I did a little happy dance, and again I discovered an amazing site. Lori's hand picked and uploaded 35,000+ projects. She's sorted them by Stampin' Up! stamp set names and programmed her site so you can filter your project choices to hide hostess sites, retired sets, or sets that don't have recent updates. Her site is definitely a go-to place for inspiration!

And, finally, one of my long-time favorite finds is Suzanna Boyd's blog, Card of the Suzanna has made it so very easy to check out the latest tutorials, Photoshop tips, papercraft tips and tricks, templates, scrapbooking inspiration . . . I always do my little happy dance when I see her linking to my projects for her viewers.

So, have you figured out why I like these sites so much? Well, duh, it's all about me. These sites are gracious enough to feature my projects – that makes them my favorites.  😉 I hope you'll pop over to some of them a give them a little love for me.


Sweet Comments

  1. Wow! Linda, thanks so much for the Shout Out! You made my entire weekend!

  2. Congratulations Linda!!! You deserve this honor because your stationary boxes are perfectly lovely!!

  3. Linda, congratulations on all the honors! You are truly deserving!

  4. Kathleen Stubbs says:

    Congratulations Linda! Your work is lovely and can’t wait to see what you do next.

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