A Paper Bouquet Mat


Can you believe it? I made these beautiful flowers out of Paper! I took a class by the lovely Susan Tierney Cockburn on Monday at Scrappily Ever After. Cheryl's store in Temple, Texas, is one of the few scrapbook stores that carries Susan's full line of paper punches and books, as well as the tools, adhesives, etc., she recommends. The store is just full of Susan's beautiful sculpted flowers – that alone is worth the trip.

I've admired Susan's work for years and purchased her books hoping to some day master the craft. I never thought I'd be able to do it to my satisfaction, but Susan is such a great teacher. She has incredible knowledge of the paper crafting industry (and even the latest gossip about many of the paper crafting "stars.") But, most inspiring was her love for horticulture and her passion for staying true to the flower.

Okay, don't laugh, because I know this is pretty dated . . . but here's one of the three projects I created on Monday with Susan's guidance.

IMG_3532 copy 

Yep, that's none other than my new husband and me – 26 years ago. Don't you love that hat and those wings on my shoulder?! And isn't Tom a cutie?! When I showed Tom this new mat for our wedding picture, he said it was a little overkill. Okay, I kind of agree. But, still, aren't those flowers just amazing? My mind is spinning with projects to make with my new flower-making skills.

Susan flew from her home in Washington State to be with us in Central Texas, and was practicing her Japanese to head to a trade show in Tokyo. It was a huge treat to spend the day with her.

Stay tuned for more projects from Susan's class. And, don't forget to come back on April 27 for our Stampin' Up! Blog Hop, when I'll be featuring the set, "Scene in a Garden."


Sweet Comments

  1. oh Linda, these are just beautiful! I am so jealous…I would LOVE to be able to do this. I am a “hands on” kind of person…not sure I would get the same results from a book. Congratulations, they really are stunning!

  2. gorgeous!!! :)

  3. Beautiful flowers! They look like they took a long time to make!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! tfs!!!

  5. Your project is beautiful and so is the photo!

  6. Beautiful flowers! They do look like they take a long-time to make? Even if they do, the end-result is fab! TFS!

  7. Those flowers are stunning. You have made such a lovely job with them and I you look lovely on your wedding day!

  8. Chris Hnatiuk says:

    Hi Linda,
    I LOVE those flowers you’ve been creating–so very realistic it’s unbelievable!!!
    Had to chuckle because your wedding dress is SO much like mine….1983…mine didn’t have the “wings” on the shoulders, but I had almost the same style of hat, too! Your frame mat is beautiful!
    Chris in Calgary, AB Canada