Time Well Spent

If I could save time in a bottle, 
the first thing that I'd like to do
is to save every day till eternity passes away
just to spend them with you.
               Jim Croce

So, I was driving to work one morning, listening to my regular radio morning show. Between the Celebrity Scoop and top ten hits, DJ Alex talked about a poll of what us middle-age folks most regret we didn't do when we were in our 20s. There was the normal stuff like learning a foreign language, finishing college, traveling . . . all the things you would suspect. But, I'm betting you won't guess what the number one thing folks wish they had done while they were still in their 20's. I didn't. Get your hankies – it was spending more time with our parents.

We had to leave our folks in Indiana when we moved to Texas in our 20's. Gracious that was painful. But thankfully, we visited each other as often as we could and made incredible memories when we were together. Dad always made sure of that. He also made it his personal mission to make sure every child knew how to fish. This page was a tribute to spending time with Dad doing what we loved.

IMG_3632 copy

You don't see many scrapbooking pages from me, I know. This is one I made years ago as a challenge to combine digital scrapbooking with traditional scrapbooking. It's still one of my favorites, but not because of any great talent I have as a scrapbooker, but rather just the tribute it gives to the wonderful times with Dad.


Sweet Comments

  1. Timeless, classic and wonderful page!

  2. Wow I love this layout, great job. Blessings. Renee

  3. Classic and More than Classy :)

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