All Work and No Play

Ooh, my craft space has been calling me all week and I'm getting stamping withdrawal pains. But, my work as a nursing home surveyor called me out of town unexpectedly and I didn't get to play. Shoot, I barely got to sleep at all. I tell you what, though, my job is never boring. I mean, really, I bet last week's soap operas didn't have as much drama. I'll just say this . . . I wish some folks had read these articles: from Newsweek, Sex, Love and Nursing Homes, and from Slate, Naughty Nursing Homes.

IMG_3643 Here's just something to think about. Sex among minors is called "under age sex." So, is sex among seniors called "over age sex?" And what in the world is going to happen when we Baby Boomers are "over age" and wanna play head-banger rock instead of Rock of Ages.

Okay, enough of that.

I thought I'd get to chill this weekend, but, another job is calling me out of town – moving my daughter into her new home. I'm so proud of Caitlin. Not quite even finished with her degree, she just landed her first real, big, grown-up-person job managing a design studio. with only her internship left to finish (which this job will fulfill), her Dad helped her celebrate with a cookie cake honoring her school, University North Texas. That's almost worth giving up a free weekend to go fill up boxes and move furniture.

Meahwhile, here's some of the latest news out of Stampin' Up!. They've started a Stampin' Up! YouTube channel. Very cool! This sure beats Summer reruns. Here's one of my favs.

Okay, now, really, where else but at Catered Crop could you read about sex in nursing homes and Stampin' Up! in one post. Is this crazy or what?