She’s Published!

You know what’s even more fun than being published? Seeing your daughter in print!

Check it out! Caitlin turned this old Ikea coffee table:

 Into this:

 And her new table got published on this site: Design Sponge, which, by the way, looks like a freaky cool site. Caitlin has absolutely no inhibitions when it comes to creative endeavors – she’s my inspiration!


Sweet Comments

  1. Your daughter says:

    Thanks mama!!!

    on another note…can you design me VERY SIMPLE yet pretty/cool Graduation Notices?! I will make them (if they are easy enough) but I need your paper expertise : )

    are you up for the challenge?!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Caitlin! Linda, I’m certain you are an inspiration to Caitlin too! … probably more than you even realize!

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