Another Ikea Makeover

And now for the big reveal of the new Crop Crib. But first, a little explanation.

We purchased this humongous Ikea Pax/Komplement wardrobe for daughter Caitlin for her loft apartment in Dallas.




It worked perfectly for her in her loft, but when she moved to a more traditional apartment, she could only get one of the three big components to fit. These suckers are over 7-1/2 feet tall and 24 inches deep. So, I graciously volunteered (commandeered) her cabinets for my craft supplies. Check it out.


At first I thought the pants hangers would have to come down, but turns out they work great for ribbon storage.


Those deep drawers are great for storing punches, embellishments, tools, and paper:


I wouldn’t have purchased the wardrobes for the Crop Crib, but now that I have them I love ’em. Since I have a rule that I can’t buy more than I can store, you know what these big cabinets mean . . . More Stamps!



Sweet Comments

  1. Loven’ your craft room make-over Linda!! Super fun idea placing your ribbons on the pant hangers… you can pull it out and take your PICK! TFS… :) Now to fill that extra space with SU! goodies… lets see! LOL! Enjoy… :) Michelle

  2. Awesome storage inspiration! Wish you would come over and do mine! :-)