It’s Moving Day

Oh my, I’m so excited about this new home for Catered Crop. If you’ve come here from our previous home at Typepad, Yea, you survived the move. After packing our 300+ posts and moving them along with all the other behind-the-scenes stuff, you, my precious readers, are by far the most precious of my things to move.

So, for those of you interested, I thought I’d share what all was involved in making this move.

First, there were a lot of decisions to be made. I was using Typepad as my blogging software, but I wanted more control. I decided to move to because it’s one of the most commonly used blogging software. We don’t see that as much with Stampin’ Up! demonstrators, but it’s more true outside our community. Because WordPress is so popular, there are many more resources.

When you go with, you have to do many of the things other blogging services do that you usually don’t even have to know about: finding a host web server, loading your files up to a server with a file transfer protocol (FTP) system, performing backups, providing security and spam protection, registering and mapping a domaine . . . It was daunting, but, honestly, I really enjoyed learning all that stuff. Okay, I can barely remember who I am most of the time, but I do love learning new technology.

Thank God for the WordPress for Dummies book, and a really big thanks to Amy Celona. She spent no less than an hour on the phone giving me her sage advice and encouragement. Although I couldn’t use her services this go-round (I was already committed to a web host), I strongly recommend her.

After I (sort-of) figured out all that technical stuff, I got to begin the fun, creative stuff. I found a digital scrapbooking kit I love, Little Sous Chef, by Courtney Wilson of Skittles and Scraps. I had fun building the little click-here buttons and banner and found a great program to create my own WordPress theme (Artisteer). Veronica McCullum gave me some timely advice to tweak the design, and I’m working with her to make even more improvements.

So, Yea, I’m glad you’re all here. We have a lot of fun things coming up, like the Catty Cruise next weekend and, with hopefully most of the work behind me in creating and moving this site, I can get back to my first love . . . Stamping! New projects are on the way!



Sweet Comments

  1. Debra Reed says:

    Oh heck, I saw you were moving and I thought, (maybe she is moving to Temple). No such luck. Linda, I miss seeing you and especially your creativensss (if that is a word). debra

  2. Love the new blog look. WordPress is a great blogging software, enjoy playing with it.

  3. I’ve noted your new website! Love the look, Linda.

  4. Super Cool Site! You go, Girl!