Wyoming Babies

Wow, what an amazing week we’ve had in Wyoming. Okay, backup. About a week ago my Tom said he had to get outta Dodge (Austin) and now. His stress was so high he needed to detox, and, honestly, I wasn’t far from him.  So, we took advantage of an invitation to visit Wyoming and leave the Texas heat for some mountain air.

Tom’s cousins, our hosts, Jan and Eddie Sapp, own Arrowhead Alpaca Farms, one of the largest alpaca farms in the country. So, when we arrived on their farm on Saturday, we got to be introduced to all their 70+ alpacas by name, and I got to help skirt their fleece. Skirting fleece, I learned, simply means picking out the debris (grass, burrs, etc.) left in the fleece after it’s sheered. I know, sounds like work. But I love seeing the alpaca fiber in its original state. It’s fun to follow the whole process from sheering, skirting, spinning and weaving.  And, alpaca fleece is really special to handle. It’s much finer than sheep’s wool, right up there with cashmere – so luxurious.

Talk about luxury. Sunday morning, I got a special pedicure from this little angel.


She’s Tom’s cousin’s almost 4-year old granddaughter (try to keep up). Yep, deep purple polish all over my toe-sies.

Now, I’ve already had more fun than a month of Sundays at home, but later that morning we got to witness the birth of a new baby alpaca. Mama, “Prima,” was amazing to watch – she just walked around the corral as if nothing were happening. Of course, the baby (cria) came out all full of muck, and laid on the ground looking pretty helpless. Honestly, I was thinking, goodness gracious, somebody help this little thing.


But apparently (Jan patiently explained to me), a cria cleans itself by just rolling in the dirt.


Sure enough. It’s hard to believe these pictures are just about 30 minutes apart.


Being an ex-post-partum nurse don’t you know I was in heaven watching this miracle transpire. I took a lot more pictures of the actual birth, but they’re a little too National Geographic to share. Anyway, I’ve learned so much about these amazing alapacas and their oh-so-soft fleece. I’ll never take my socks for granted again!


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  1. How amazing is that!

    I remember growing up & watching our dog, Greta, a miniature schnauzer give birth to puppies & witnessing the entire event. Birth what an amazing experience for any life “form” whether animal or human. Interesting that the mother alpaca doesn’t clean her baby. Now I would be with you, I would be snapping away as many pics of the birth as possible. :) When will you ever have the chance to see that amazing experience ever again? That could be one of those once in a lifetime events!

    My husband (then fiance) & I lived in Gillette, Wyoming when we graduated from our University. We decided that whoever got the first job the other would follow. It was a wonderful year, but we got home sick for our families back in Iowa. He was a CPA with an accounting firm & after we arrived I took my resume to the school district & taught a study skills class at the local Junior High. Lots of great memories, but the over 6 hr. drives to see his family & over 11 hr. drive to see mine was just too much for us.

    On our 15th anniversary we took our daughter back to Gillette to see where we started out & went to Devil’s Tower, etc. It was neat to go back & share it all with her!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip & trip down memory lane for me as well! :)

    Stampin’ Smiles from Ear to Ear,
    Ann :)

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