Christmas Archives for CFH (CFH) collects handmade, blank greeting cards to send to the nation’s armed forces to write home on and keep in touch with their families. This really hit home with me this week when we stayed with cousins in Wyoming. One of their three boys is stationed in Iraq and hasn’t written home. I can’t imagine what that must be like for Mom. So, maybe some of the troops need a little help and encouragement. This month CFH is gearing up for the busy holiday season with their CFH Mini Bloghop to remind us all of their November 1 deadline for Christmas cards.

While trekking around Wyoming, I didn’t have the chance to make some new cards. (Believe me, I was on the look out for scrapbook stores, jumped out of my seat when I saw one in Cody, but sunk back down when I realized it was closed.) But, I do have my trusty laptop with me, so I thought I’d pull out some of my favorite cards from years past to share with you and hopefully inspire you to craft some cards for our troops.


I made this card in October 2007 in honor of Uncle Bill Burrell’s 105 year old seed company. It uses one of my favorite stamp sets, Punch Pals, and one of my favorite techniques, shaker boxes. The snowman seeds in the shaker box are Stampin’ Up! microbeads.You can read more about this card and how to make it here: Where do Snowmen Come From.


I don’t like peas, but I loved the concept of this card when I first saw Dawn Griffith’s twist on it. I just added the microslide ornament – which I adore. Unfotunately, the stamp set has retired, but I still love the idea of adding an ornament to a card. And, it’s so easy with our sticky strips and microbeads. Here’s the deets with links to two tutorials on how to make microscope slide ornament: Peas on Earth.


I love the vintage look of this card I made in September 2008. The featured stamp set, Winter Post, was in one of the mini catalogs that year, and I’m so glad it made it to the “big catalog” again. You can get the rest of the details here: Winter Post Encore.

Still not in the mood for Christmas? Here are some other deadlines for sending cards to the troops.

Halloween: September 20
Thanksgiving: October 5
All other cards: anytime!

And, of course, you can follow the CFH blog hop for more wonderful Christmas cards. The next stop on the CHF blog hop is to Bridget Larsen’s beautiful card using the stamping resist technique. Hold on tight, with you click to Bridget’s site you’re traveling all the way to Australia!


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  1. I know that exact scrapbook story in Cody! Hubbie and I drove up to Yellowstone last year and we drove into town and all the stores had close “that day” since tourist season was over Ö Not only the neat antique stores but the lone scrapbook store, too? Sigh….Funny to hear someone had the same reaction as me Ü We stampers are truly one-of-a-kind!

  2. Your Snowman Seeds card caught my eyes when I frist saw it since I worked for a Seeds company for three years when I was in Korea to assist the American President. He would love the idea of this card.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Very nice work!

  4. These cards are so cute! I love the snowman seed packet. I just got a snowman set and I am gonna have to see what I can do with him!

  5. Love all the cards! and thank you for sharing your you work

  6. The snowman seeds card is my favorite. I love everything about it!

  7. I love that snowman card! I am going to try that.

  8. Love all you cards; thanks for supporting CFH!

  9. WOW,WOW,WOW….I love these cards..your snowman is soooooooooooo cute, I love it…OMG, I want that stamp…so stinkin cute. Your work is stunning. Thank you for supporting our Heroes! God Bless!

  10. Oh, all of your cards are sooo cute! I love the colors of the snowman card and the bow is wonderful!

    Tammy x

  11. oh–wonderful cards! I love them all!

  12. Linda these are awesome! I LOVE that you wanted to participate so much that you dug into archives – that’s the kind of heart our CFHers have, we’ll do anything for our brave men and women!!

    If your cousin needs some cards, you know who to tell about it….*grin*

  13. Love those cards! Especially the snowman seeds and the peas cards!

  14. The snowman seed card is adorable! What a lovely idea…

  15. Wow! So impressed with your cards. Love the shaker boxes. Not something that I’ve tried yet.

    Thanks for supporting CFH!

  16. Love the cards! Beautiful!

  17. LOVE your cards!!!

  18. Love the cards! Thanks for joining us for the Blog Hop on CFH 😉

  19. I love the way you use stamps! fabulous cards!

  20. Your cards are lovely! Thanks for supporting our heroes.

  21. Your cards are so fabulous and thanks for sharing the tutorials. I’m bookmarking your blog for sure.

  22. Barbara Campbell says:

    LOVE all the cards. Beautiful work. . and, as the mother to a soldier, thank you for participating and being a part of!

  23. Your cards are wonderful!!! Thank you for the fabulous inspiration and for helping our troops stay in touch with their loved ones:o)

  24. Oh wow, I am loving that peas card and the ornament idea! What a great selection of cards! Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. Beautiful cards. love the vintage!

  26. Love the peas on earth… very cute.

  27. What fun ideas! The ornament on the card is such a cool gift and card in one.

  28. That Peas on Earth Card is ADORable! I am on the lookout for some pea stamps!
    Thanks for the great inspiration!
    Happy Crafting!

  29. Love the use of the microscope slide. “Peas on Earth” is so cute.

  30. Great cards. Thanks for the inspiration & for supporting CFH

  31. Love your cards. Great idea making an ornament along with the card.

  32. Tara Prince says:

    Fabulous cards!!

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