Fickle, that’s me

I have to be the most fickle blog designer in the webosphere. I’ve changed my web design I think nearly daily.  Just stick with me, I think there’s final design out there, I really do, that will make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Meanwhile, I’ve loved watching blogging and scrapbooking take the big screen. I got to see Julie and Julia this week – what a glorious movie.  I love Julie Powell’s brave commitment to blog through Julia Child’s 500+ recipe cookbook and her love for BUTTER. I mean, really, could there be a better concept for a movie than to combine food and blogging. Loved it!

And, last week we watched New in Town on video. Scrapbooking plays a delightful supporting role in the movie (oh yeah, and it’s not a bad movie, either). Any misunderstood scrapbookers who have ever been made fun of will feel vindicated!



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