Hanging out at the Convention

I have to be the very luckiest paper crafter on the planet. I didn’t get to go the national Stampin’ Up! convention last week. As you know, I was gallivanting around Wyoming with very spotty Internet. Believe me, had there been Internet, I’d have been glued to Twitter, Facebook, the message boards . . . anywhere for Convention chatter. It was torture not knowing what exciting things were coming out of Utah. I know, that doesn’t sound very lucky, but wait . . .

My dear Catty Cruise friends took good care of me, and made sure I was there in spirit.


That’s Connie Collins, Becky Roberts, Brooke Stockman, and Angie Tieman. And, if you look really closely, that’s ME “hanging” out with Becky (check out her badge holder). Are those the best friends in the world or what!?

Oh, and I’m so very proud of the Catty Cruise girls. They sweeped the awards at the convention. More than anything, I would have loved to have been there to cheer them on – complete with cowbells, poppers and streamers. Well, maybe it’s a good thing I wasn’t there to embarrass them. But, hey, there’s always the Leadership Convention in January. I can’t wait to turn these virtual hugs into real squeezes in Phoenix.

Congratulations and much love to my Catty Cruise friends – you rock!



Sweet Comments

  1. Renee Winch says:

    I saw this picture on one of their websites and I thought it was sooooooo cute! I wish I had been there hanging around someone’s neck! You are just too cute. *Hugs* Renee

  2. What a hoot! Becky and Brooke are always full of surprises! Wouldn’t it have been somethin’ else to be there in person with these wonderful women?

  3. HEy Linda! It was just like (almost!) you were really there! Wish you could have been! Hugs!

  4. We were so sad that you couldn’t be there with us we had to bring you some how..