The Daring Do – My Caitlin

The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.
–Dale CarnegieIMG_4088

Whether or not this day would ever come was never at question. We always expected that Caitlin would graduate. But, what makes me so very proud of her every day is the way she accomplished her goal – with daring tenacity.

Caitlin faced every obstacle with integrity and made amazing adventures along the way toward her degree. She usually worked at least two jobs, changed schools and majors along the way, and still graduated on time. During this ridiculous economy, she found an internship and permanent position within her field. Watch out Dallas – Caitlin’s ready to take you on next.

We had a wonderful little celebration for Caitlin with a few of our closest family friends. So, this morning I scrambled to make a video presentation for the party celebrating my lovely girl’s adventures.

Congratulations, Caitlin! We are so very proud of you.



Sweet Comments

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, CAITLIN !!!! You must be so proud, Linda! That is awesome that Caitlin already has a job lined up too! (My daughter STARTS her college career next week!)

  2. Congrats! to Caitlin and Mom and Dad. Way to go girl.. Way to show the world who is in charge.. Good luck with the new job! What a great example you are to us all!

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