The Stockings Were Hung

We had a fabulous2009 12 28_0185 Christmas – full of time with each other, yum eats and fun treats.
I hope you all enjoyed the same.

Our Christmas was full of traditions we've collected over the years: Christmas Eve dinner, the pickle gift, breakfast quiche, games and puzzles, and, of course, stockings, which are always filled with some hot chocolate mix for Christmas morning, a Santa ornament for Ben and a Snowman ornament for Caitlin.

The day after Christmas I got hit like a ton of bricks with some gnarly upper respiratory crud. My sparkly new Copic markers are calling my name, but I can barely get off the couch. So, I thought I'd share something I made for my son years ago, a stocking using one of the beautiful Shephard's Bush cross stitch patterns.

Shephard's Bush was featured in one of my favorite TV shows just before Christmas, Ace of Cakes.  Seems a woman had stitched over fifty of these stockings for her family, and her husband commissioned the folks at Ace of Cakes to make a cake like her stockings. I missed the episode, but here's a picture of the finished cake: Stocking Cake.

If you live in the Central Texas area you can find a collection of Shephard's Bush patterns at the lovely store, Ginger's Needlearts, Quilts and Framing, (5322 Cameron Road, Austin).