Build-a-Bear for Safety Sis

SharonGradI love this picture of my sister – isn't she adorable! Such a hot chicky lady! And now it's official, she's a smart, hot chicky lady. She even has the certificate in safety management now to prove it. My adorable sis just graduated from Indiana University, showing all those young twenty somethings how it's done! I'm so proud of her.

I didn't get to be at her graduation, dang it, but I did get to see her in early December just before she graduated. Her only request for Christmas/Graduation was to make a Build-a-Bear together. So, that's exactly what we did.


I had so much fun helping Sharon with her bear (yes, complete with hard hat and boots), and I'm so proud of her, I made a scrapbook page about it. This was an easy-breezy page to make with Stampin' Up!'s "My Digital Scrapbook" software. I just made a few tweeks to one of their pre-designed pages.

I like making scrapbook pages with white backgrounds, because, for me, the most important elements on the page are the pictures – and the white background helps the pictures stand out more. It's also fun to make one of the pictures opaque and include it in your background, something you can't do very easily with traditional scrapbooking.


Sharon's dear boyfriend, Gary, lost his Dad yesterday morning after a hard fought battle with lung disease. I never got to meet Marion "Bud" Burkhart, but we love Gary, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so I know he must have been a very sweet man. Please keep them in your prayers this week.


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