The McClain Christmas (and an MDS Toot)

Okay, yes, I'm still posting about our Christmas . . . can you believe it? If you know me, well, you're not surprised. I move slow. But, hey, January is kicking my butt at work, so, you know, a girl just does what she can. Any hay . . . I got an e-mail from a fan (whaz up, Melissa) asking about how to save projects from Stampin' up!'s My Digital Studio (MDS) into .jpg files, so here goes.

After you finish designing your gorgeous project, you go up to the top tool bar and select "Share Project."


That will get you a drop-down menu. From the drop down menu, select "Export to JPEG."


MDS will pop up a screen that will walk you through the rest . . . It's pretty straight forward after that.


Here's the final product. This is one of the pages I did for Erika Martin's on-line Journaling 101 Scrapbooking class. The journaling text (yes, I actually journaled) says

A McClain Family Christmas
    A snowman ornament for Ben and a Santa ornament for Caitlin
    Christmas Dinner
    Grandma’s Santa collection
    The Pickle Gift
    24 Hours of The Christmas Story
    A book for Grandpa
    Christmas Cookies
    The Christmas Star

Christmas Traditions-002

And, just for giggles and grins . . . here's just a quickie slide show of our quirky Christmas 2009. As you can tell from my scrapbook page and maybe even a little from the slide show, our Christmas celebrations are all about our traditions – we have quite a few we honor each year. It's not built for variety, but it soothes our sentimental souls.   :)

Click to play this Smilebox photobook: Christmas 2009
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Thanks for letting me recap my Christmas 2009, it was definitely a fun one. Now, onward and forward to 2010 . . .


Sweet Comments

  1. Great page!  Love the photo slide show also!  Christmas is so much fun!

  2. Great Job.  Do not know how you get it all done.  You sure know how to inspire us all.

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