Cake Balls and Basketballs

2010 04 03_0712

My Caitlin made cake balls and I helped (okay, just a little bit). It was such a process she said, never again – one and done!

Meanwhile, we were holding our breath while Butler held onto their lead against Michigan State. Oh my goodness, what a game! My Tom and I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, when Indiana University was the undisputed champs and Bobby Knight was King. We're proud to see Butler represent. Love their Cinderella story – it's what makes college basketball so much fun to watch.

2010 04 03_0701

Onto Monday! And, if Butler loses, well, at least we can drown our sorrows in Cake Balls!



Caitlin's ingredients were pretty simple. She used a cake box mix, canned icing, almond bark, food coloring, and my crazy assortment of sprinkles.

  1. Caitlin just baked the cake according to the box instructions and let it cool.
  2. Then she broke the cake apart until it had a even, crumbly texture. **Tip** You might want to cut the top and bottom crust off the cake before crumbling. This makes for a more consistent and pure texture, look, and taste.
  3. Caitlin then mixed the crumbled cake with the can of frosting by hand (you can also use a mixer). She added just enough icing to make the cake/icing mixture hold its shape when molded (about 1/2 to 3/4 of the can of icing).
  4. She rolled the cake/icing mixture into small meat-ball size balls and put the cake balls on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  (Here's where my help was invaluable, well, sort of.)
  5. We put the cake balls in the refrigerator to set overnight.
  6. Finally, she melted the almond bark. added food coloring and dipped the cake balls into the melted almond bark.
  7. Caitlin added the sprinkles and drizzles of almond bark before the melted almond bark had a chance to set.

Fun Cake Ball Combos:

  • Strawberry Cake with Strawberry & Cream Icing.
  • Funfetti Cake with Funfetti Vanilla Icing.
  • Chocolate Cake with Double Chocolate Icing.
  • Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.

If you'd like more details, here's the link to the recipe/instructions Caitlin used: Cake Pops.

We got a little carried away with the sprinkles.  Yum!

2010 04 03_0727



(and Caitlin)


Sweet Comments

  1. how beautiful are these?  Just luscious, delicious looking.. so, should I send you my address so you can overnight them?  Hugs and special Easter blessing to you and your family… Peggy x