Moving Day # 2

Whoever dies with the most toys wins.


I am not proud of this – in fact, I'm kind of mortified.

This is not the van they sent to move my house.

2010 06 16_1071

That's the van they sent just to bring the boxes, tape and other misc. packing supplies to get my house ready to move.

Tomorrow the real van shows up – the 18 wheeler. I'm not going to be there to see it – I'll be back in my new office in Temple. What an amazing site that should be – an 18 wheeler backing up to my house to take away 20,000 pounds of stuff (the mover's estimate). Wow, that's not even counting dust bunnies – another 1,000 pounds by my estimate.

Yes, someday, I really will post a paper-craft project. Don't give up on me . . . somewhere among all these boxes from my craft room is a project just waiting to be designed. Someday . . . Soon! Well, someday after June 28 when these boxes arrive in Waco.

 2010 06 16_1074

Maybe, when the dust settles from this move, I should seriously consider going on one of those reality shows for hoarders.




Sweet Comments

  1. Bless your heart, nothing worse than moving.  The positive thing is, someone else is doing the hard stuff…lol.  We'll all be here, waiting for the new 'stuff' once you can find your wonderful toys…..  Good luck on the move

  2. Hi Linda… I'm wishing you the best ever most successful move. Sounds like you didn't need to buy a statue of St. Joseph in your yard to help sell your home.. I did that and it worked!  Hugs, Peggy x

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