Moving Day # 3

Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon . . .
must inevitably come to pass!

                 ~ Paul J. Meyer

My fun paper craft toys are still boxed and in route to our new house. So, you get to put up with more stories about our moving adventures . . .

My Tom e-mailed these picture to me while I was in Lampasas finishing up a nursing home survey. I got there just in time to see them pull out of Round Rock. Oh my! That truck looks bigger than the whole house.


It broke my heart to leave Austin and Round Rock, our home for 26 years. I cried all the way to the Title Company. Poor Title agent didn't quite know what to do with me. But, you'll be happy to know, I pulled it together, sucked it up, and signed all the papers that made me no longer a resident of Round Rock.

Hee Hee – Someone else may be living in my house – but MY initials will always be in the driveway. 

2010 06 19_1077

This morning, we woke up in Waco as Waco-ans. We're still in the apartment my husband's company furnished until we can move into our new house next week. Being in an apartment, just the two of us, is kind of romantic, that is, after we recover from climbing the stairs to our third floor abode.

Still a little depressed over leaving Austin, I asked to drive by the new house and got to meet the current owners. What a lovely, lovely couple. We learned our house was built (in 1959) by Paul J. Meyers, for whom the Baylor University basketball arena is named. I Googled Mr. Meyer and learned he was a millionaire by the time he was 27 years old. He founded Success Motivation International, Inc., and was the first to condense books and record them on LP records and then on cassettes. How fun to have a house with such great history (and Karma!).

Getting acclimated to Waco, we drove out to the airport and  the lake and sprung the dogs from their boarder for a 30-minute romp out to the nearby pond. Ah, the shade was sweet!


So, here's what I've learned about my new home, Waco . . .

  • Cute little airport. So small, there's free parking and only one entrance and exit.
  • Fun little burbs within the burb, even one called "Beverly Hills."
  • The cookie section in my new neighborhood grocery store sucks. This is not good.
  • Beautiful stop-you-in-your-tracks-gorgeous Southern women – with butt ugly purses. This has me completely puzzled – why are there so many ugly purses? I will get to the bottom of this.
  • A lovely, locally owned scrapbook store just minutes from my new house. I expect I'll soon be to them what Norm was to Cheers!

If you've read all the way to here – thank you for letting me get all that out of my system. You are a trooper and a friend!

I missed participating in the Paper Garden Projects blog hop this week, but that doesn't mean you have to. There are some beautiful summer projects by my friends at the Garden!


Enjoy the stroll, have a wonderful Father's Day gentlemen, and I'll be giving sending more pictures of our adventures and mis-adventures soon.



Sweet Comments

  1. AW! You are not to far from RR and Austin area girl! Sounds like a trip down to the cookie store is in order sometime soon! 😉 Take care…love reading your blog!

  2. Susan G says:

    You'll quickly become a fan of Waco!  Cameron Park is lovely and the zoo is a wonderful relaxing day's adventure.  Try out the other wonderful museums near campus.  There are several. 
     My DH and I actually lived in Beverly Hills for several years while he was working on his PhD at Baylor–between us we have 4 degrees from there!  We used to walk to the football games from our house.  Oh, those were the days! 
    Keep searching and you might even find better cookies.  I haven't lived in Waco for several years now, so things have changed, but I'm sure you'll discover many of it's unique things.  There is so much history there.

  3. Sheila wood says:

    Welcome to Waco!!! I am from Lorena one of the neighbor towns and one of Dawn Derricks friend.
    Just wanted to Welcome you and Say Hi.   Sheila Wood

  4. Good luck with that move – I've done plenty of them and don't envy you!  Make sure you visit West and have some yummy kolanches at the Czech Stop!! 

  5. Hello LInda!  What a blessing to have a house with such history, an employeed husband and happy children!  I love reading about your adventure and don't envy your move at all…at least you didn't end up in Idaho like I did! Have fun, be well and best of luck!

  6. Hi Linda; sounds like a great house you will be moving into. And a scrape store so close how divine. :)

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