Moving – The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

Yes . . . I'm still alive. Buried under boxes and going under for the third time. Moving has been such an adventure.

The Good . . .

  • Wonderful new neighbors who welcomed us with wine on the patio, brought us their newspapers, taught us pool maintenance 101, and gifted us with a huge sandwich platter and chips on moving-in day.
  • 2010 06 25_1093Dips in the pool, our sanctuary, where I've created a self-imposed rule to not think about all the boxes, worry about the kids or stress about our new jobs.
  • Messages and care packages from all of you making us feel missed, loved and comforted.
  • My beautiful new craft room.

2010 06 27_1103

Yes! My new craft room has two windows and lots of built-in light, a desk, a ceiling fan . . . ah, someday it will be Heaven on Earth.

The Bad . . .

  • I found my Patron Saint of Lost Objects, but now I've lost the accompanying prayer card. Still can't find the TV remote. (If I ever move again – God Help Me! – I will hide the remove from the movers!) We've finished unpacking all the kitchen and family room area and declared it the no-box zone, but lurking somewhere in the house is still a Cuisinart and a bunch of plates – probably with the car maintenance supplies!
  • I haven't been able to post because (A) lost the cord to connect the digital camera to the computer for a few weeks; (B) new boss lady sending me all over kingdom come (aka Central Texas) on nursing home surveys; (C) trying to create more box-free zones; (D) haven't been able to create anything  because the craft room is outside the box-free zone . . . see below!; (E) haven't been able to create more box-free zones because boss lady keeps sending me out of town (see B).

The Crazy . . .

This is my craft room – well, what I could show you of it, because it's so full of boxes I can't get past the door.

2010 07 06_1108

My family knows that creating and crafting are what keep me grounded and well, as close to sane as I can represent. It's gotten me through the toughest times. I'm a little on the crazy side these days since I can't even get a whiff of some ink, glue, paper, glitter . . . ah, my touchstone is in there somewhere!

A little homesick, seriously overworked, missing my kids, craving my touchstone . . . okay, I'll admit it, I'm a little on the whiny side. Save yourselves! But, don't give up on me . . . I'm coming up for air and safe harbor is in sight.

2010 06 25_1091




Sweet Comments

  1. Poor you! Don't envy you all the boxes—but it sounds as if you know Flylady as you mention "zones"–if not—
    (MY) crafter's rule # 1—where I go, the basic class kit goes with some paper as well.  I do not leave home for anything other than quick shopping trips without it.  I have been caught in a very small town, with no real stores, and despretly needing craft supplies to mat photos etc. for a funeral! Never again.  It also helps when you really, really need a fix-everything you need is in the bag to do a small project.  I even made a roll up bag with the basics for a friend who was staying at a hospital long-term with a terminally ill hushband. Scissors, glue, etc. and some atc cards and clips gave her a little something to do. So, for the next move….yep, I heard you gasp from here!  Take 15 min. for yourself today and do something fun for you-you deserve it!

  2. Good luck getting everything settled, Linda! I would be completely overwhelmed if we moved, I really feel for you!!  Hope you get to make your craft room a box-free zone soon!!  xoxo

  3. You poor baby…Things will get better. :) sending hugs.