Pura Vida!

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.
         ~ Babs Hoffman


Pura Vita! My Caitlin tells us it's the motto of Costa Rica. Literally translated it means Pure Life, but from the lovely sights we've seen, I think Pura Vita means resilience, good spirits, enjoy life slowly, but most especially ignore the potholes and enjoy the view!

We arrived in Liberia, Costa Rica, on Friday and rented a car to get to where my daughter lives, Nosara. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive, because the road to Nasara was one long roller coaster ride of potholes, sluices, bumps, and jagged, washboard patches that jarred the bejeezus out of us and everyone else crossing it, fools or desperados. Honestly, even a trip to the grocery store tests your support bra, fillings in your teeth and your bladder!

We're staying in a beautiful cabana-like hotel – feeling very international since it's run by a stunning Columbia woman and her Swiss husband and has an adjourning outdoor Italian restaurant. It's in very beautiful surroundings and we have a very nice room, replete with a host scorpion that Tom nearly stepped on. Tom sent him to the netherworld, and we've all slept soundly with the stray dogs on our porch to make us feel at home and an occasional friendly gecko.

Nosara is such a nirvana paradise, my pictures don't do it justice . . . but here's a peek at our view so far.


One of three river crossings we had to pass in our Suzuki to get to the Ostional Wildlife Refuge. Yep, No Bridge! We called it white water driving.


Costa Rica looks good on my Caitlin, dipping her toes in the Ostional beach.


Caitlin tells us it's common to see horses roaming freely. These came up to the Ostional beach unaccompanied and unencumbered.


The faces on these beautiful birds are so expressive. They came right up to where we were enjoying some cool ice cream. Their song is not nearly so lovely as they are, though – it's is more of a screech.

And, finally, here's a picture from the local rodeo on Sunday night. (Sorry it's so grainy – I didn't really have the right flash for night pictures.) The rodeo was very local, very amateur.


The cowboys lined up for us to appreciate their bravery before the rodeo, and then paraded once around the stadium, picking up the dirt to kiss it and cross themselves with it before facing their bull opponent.

They'd send out a bull with a rider who'd stay on the bull for about 15 seconds and then it would take a half hour to get the bull out of the pen. Meanwhile, the stray dogs were running into the pen and young machismo boys were jumping, dancing, tugging, roping, and basically just showing off in front of the beautiful ladies to unsuccessfully coax the bull back. The best part of it, though, the mariachi style singing from the announcer to kill the time and the Arroz con Pollo (chicken and rice) they sold at the concession stand – Yum!

Our Costa Rican get away will end on Thursday when Catered Crop will return to it's regularly scheduled program. Oooo, and I have a project lined up for the Paper Garden Project Frosty Garden Walk on Saturday. Here's just a little peak.



See you back in the states – assuming I don't get eaten up by a pothole on the way.




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